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Riverside County Film Commission

Film Riverside County

Film Riverside County

With a region of over 7,300 square miles, the Riverside County Film Commission (RCFC) works closely with all 28 cities located within its borders, as well as State and Federal agencies to help streamline your production and make it successful. We can assist you with everything from permitting in all jurisdictions within the county to finding locations and other local production needs. Riverside County is located east of Los Angeles conveniently opposite of work traffic, with areas as close as 45 minutes from downtown Los Angeles.

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July - December 2023

Bi-Annual Report

Uncover the magic behind the camera and learn more about the cinematic wonders captured throughout Riverside County. Delve into our latest Biannual Film Report, which includes:

  • Filming Highlights in Riverside County 
  • Economic Impact Insights 
  • And More...





Riverside County Film Commission Featured in Location Managers Guild International's Compass Magazine!

We are proud to announce that Riverside County Film Commission was featured in Location Managers Guild International's Compass Magazine.

Riverside County Film Commission, Inland Empire Film Services, Inc., and representatives from the Greater Palm Springs Film Oasis recently hosted LMGI members on a weekend FAM tour. We showcased the unique film offerings of Coachella Valley's desert communities.

We are dedicated to facilitating your production, providing comprehensive support for permitting across Riverside County, location scouting, and assisting with other local production requirements. 

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The California On Location Awards (COLA) 2023, held at the Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City on December 1, showcased outstanding achievements in location management and production throughout the State of California. The County of Riverside proudly congratulates two of its own for receiving top honors at this prestigious event.

Janice Lopez, City of Palm Springs Permit Officer, earned the title of City Employee of the Year, while Melissa Martinez, Permit Coordinator for Riverside County Transportation Land Management Agency (TLMA), was named County Employee of the Year out of all cities and counties in California. These awards recognize their exemplary service, contributing to Riverside County's reputation as a film-friendly region. Their efforts not only enhance local filming and business revenue but also highlight the exceptional work of public employees dedicated to supporting the film industry.

The 28th annual California On Location Awards, organized by Film Liaisons in California Statewide (FLICS), unfolded at the Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City. Hosted by actor and comedian Chinedu Unaka, and produced by Dyana Carmella, the event celebrated the accomplishments of individuals in the film industry. The Riverside County Film Commission proudly served as a Gold Sponsor of the COLA gala and is an active FLICS member.

The finalists and winners of the 2023 COLAs were selected by FLICS members, a steering committee of Teamsters Local 399 members, and a panel of industry experts.





Why We Support Film Production?

Film Production is an integral part of economic development as it provides a platform for job creation, investment, and tourism. The film industry is a key contributor to the economy as it generates significant revenue from movie sales, distribution, and merchandising. Furthermore, film production creates employment opportunities for various professionals, including actors, producers, directors, editors, and set designers, among others.

The industry also stimulates investment in infrastructure development, such as studios and post-production facilities. Additionally, the tourism sector benefits from film production as it promotes travel and exploration of film locations, which in turn boosts the local economy. In summary, the film industry plays a crucial role in economic development and contributes to the growth of local and national economies.

Attracting Film Production

RCFC hosts Familiarization (FAM) Tours in Riverside County throughout the year. We showcase our amazing locations in all areas of our County to some of the best Location Managers in the industry who represent film, television, commercials and other genres.



Applying for a Film Permit

RCFC, operated by Inland Empire Film Services, under the auspices of the Riverside County Office of Economic Development, is recognized by the California Film Commission as the official advocate for filming interests in our region.

RCFC is your first stop for resources that serves the film, television, commercial and still photography industries as well as all other genres involving still or motion photography. The county’s geography accommodates varied looks such as winding roads, open desert, picturesque mountains, and scenic landscapes proving a perfect backdrop for that specific look.

Any questions or additional comments, please refer to the contact information below. Applying for a film permit? Film Permit Application

Contact Inland Empire Film Services for more information: [email protected].


Location! Location! Location!

Riverside County Film Locations

Location is a crucial part of the storytelling process in video production. The right location can add depth and meaning to a scene, and make the audience feel like they are part of the story, as well as help to create a sense of realism and authenticity.

Riverside County has many film locations that are unique to our region. From a quaint mountain town, to a mid-century modern home, and everything in between, you'll find that perfect shot you're looking for.

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2023 Riverside County

Economic Profile

Click HERE to browse the Riverside County Office of Economic Development: Economic Profile. 

Discover the vibrant economic landscape of Riverside County, a sprawling 7,300 square mile county nestled between Orange County and the Arizona border. With its picturesque rivers, majestic mountains, vast deserts, and fertile valleys, the county offers an unparalleled diversity of natural beauty. Home to over 2.4 million residents, the region boasts a wealth of recreational opportunities, from beaches and hiking trails to renowned wineries and desert resorts.

Additionally, Riverside County's robust transportation network, including highways, public buses, and commuter rail trains, ensures seamless connectivity, making it an ideal destination for businesses, entertainment, and an exceptional quality of life.

For more information click the following link below to explore the 2023 Riverside County Economic Profile.