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County Service Areas

In unincorporated areas, basic services like water, sewer, police and fire protection are provided by the county. Because counties often consist of large and diverse geographical areas, providing a consistent and adequate service level across all areas can be difficult. Residents of urban communities may want more services than those residing in rural areas. The County Service Area Law was created in the 1950’s to provide a means of providing expanded service levels in areas where residents are willing to pay for the extra service.

Riverside County Office of Economic Development assumed control of the County Service Area’s (CSAs) in July of 2002. The Riverside County CSA division maintains 19 county owned parks, 3 water treatment facilities and over 13 million square feet of landscaping. Each CSA is authorized to provide services based on the needs of each community. The CSA collects special taxes and assessments to provide services to specific areas of the county. CSA jurisdiction covers the entire unincorporated Riverside County and provides municipal services such as:


Repairs of electrical wiring and light fixtures, replacement of burned-out lamps, repair and replacement of damaged equipment.

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Parks & Recreation

Recreation services are available at 12 of CSA Parks. We host year-round events in effort to enhance the quality of life for our residents.

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Maintaining and replacing landscaping is done on a daily basis to ensure that CSA areas look and feel beautiful at all times.

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Street Sweeping

Street Sweeping is essential to keep CSA roads clear of debris which can contain oils solvents, lawn chemicals and leaves. Email or street sweeping hotline 951.955.2048.

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Water & Sewage

Water meter reading, water treatment and distribution facilities are provided for all CSA residents. Serving only these locations: Desert Center, Lake Terrace, Mesa Verde and Ripley.

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Road Maintenance

Maintaining and repairing potholes, road signs and street markings is part of our on-going commitment to our CSA residents.

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CSA Streetlight Request

If you need to report a down streetlight or other streetlight issue, contact:

Imperial Irrigation District - Click here for website or call at 1-800-303-7756 CSA #97, 121 & 125 

Southern California Edison - Click here for website or call 1-800-611-1911 for all other CSA or unincorporateed areas in Riverside County

For more information about Imperial Irrigation District and Southern California Edison please click on the links below. 



Street Sweeping Request

Street Sweeping on County maintained roads is provided by:


County Service Area 152 - Administered through the County’s Economic Development Agency

Waste Management - Administered through the County’s Environmental Health Department

Burtec - Administered through the Environmental Health Department

Development Community - Development projects conditioned to provide street sweeping shall process an application/annexation through one of the following districts:

CSA 152 through BCS by contacting Hazel Spruell at HSpruell@RIVCO.ORG or (951) 955-3224. In the Eastvale, Mira Loma, Glen Avon through Waste Management by contacting the Environmental Health Department at (951) 955-8982.

Developer is responsible for street sweeping in their project until a public agency assumes the street sweeping responsibility

Public / Property Owner - County maintained roads in CSA 152 are swept twice per month. The physical street sweeping contract is administered through the Transportation Department. For questions, concerns or for the sweeping schedule contact or leave a message on our street sweeping hotline call 951-955-2048. The Transportation Department’s Highway Operations Division does not provide aesthetic street sweeping.  Highway Operations will provide street sweeping for public safety reasons on County maintained roads not covered by CSA 152, Waste Management or Burtec when a “Repair Request” for street sweeping is initiated by property owners.  Property owners may initiate a “Repair Request” by contacting Highway Operations at (951) 955-6899.  

CSA Service Request

Are you a Riverside County CSA resident with a comment, request or repair? Click on the following "Service Request Form" button below. We will respond to you as soon as possible!

You can also call our CSA customer service line at (951)955-3313

For Streetlight issues, please see "Streetlight Requests" section above.


CSA Service 2

County Service Area Information

Click here to view Fiscal Year 2018-2019 CSA charges

Our goal is to levy all parcels within the boundaries of districts accurately as well as to provide superior customer service for all services provided in each community. As such, BCS performs levy audits on a regular basis. Sometimes these audits reveal parcels that are not being levied. If discovered, the assessment is levied as soon as possible. The CSA does not collect for missed levies. Please refer to the escrow paperwork when purchasing the home. It is required by Government Code Sections 53340.2 and 53754 for the seller to provide disclosure of any and all special assessment/tax by the seller. If you have additional questions please call 866-810-0255.

Highgrove Residents

See below to see a fact sheet on CSA 126. For Questions or Additional Information contact – or visit