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Additional Resources

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE CORONAVIRUS IN RIVERSIDE COUNTY - Click here to review local Coronavirus information provided by Riverside University Health System.

ESSENTIAL BUSINESS DEFINITION - Click here for details on which businesses and workers are deemed essential to critical infrastructure in Riverside County.

RIVERSIDE COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT - Click here for more information on the County of Riverside’s response to COVID-19.

GOVERNMENT RESPONSE TO THE CORONAVIRUS - Click here to learn more about international travel restrictions, how you can prepare for coronavirus, and what the U.S. government is doing in response to the virus.

STATE OF CALIFORNIA - California’s one stop website for COVID-19 resources, responses, and public service announcements. Click here.

CALIFORNIA GOVERNOR’S OFFICE OF EMERGENCY SERVICES - Looking for updates on California’s response to COVID-19? Click here for the latest information and resources.

CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH - California is actively working with the White House, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), local governments, health facilities, and health care providers across the state to prepare and protect Californians from COVID-19. Click here to access the most up to date health related information.

CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SERVICES - CDSS serves the most vulnerable people in our community. Their mission is to promote the health, safety, and quality of life of each person in California. Click here to obtain information or guidelines on senior citizen care as well as licensed child care providers.

CDC ON HOW TO CLEAN AND DISINFECT - Click here to view cleaning recommendations for US Households with suspected/confirmed Coronavirus.

CDC WORKPLACE GUIDELINES - Click here to see the latest list of guideline on how to keep our homes, workplaces and schools safe.