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Riverside County Demographics Highlights

2,483,025 Population
36.6 Median Age
81,928 Median Household Income
33,100 Per Capita Income

Economic Indicators

These indicators provide a general breakdown explaining the characteristics of the human population and population segments. The economic indicator help identify consumer markets and provide current population trends. The Demographics Division compiled various reports to help business and public agencies plan for the future and make educated decisions on future growth and investment. This information can be beneficial to companies and governments in defining the demand or need for specific products and services in the area.

Industry Profiles

Riverside County Office of Economic Development strongly supports Retail, Manufacturing, and Logistics Sectors. The County offers permitting and planning assistance, site selection hiring and training assistance, and essential resources to support these vital industries.

More Information on Industry Profiles

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Riverside County GDP Comparison Chart

Riverside County's GDP comparison chart reveals the economic dynamics and growth patterns within the region. The chart showcases the county's economic performance over a specified period, comparing its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to previous years or neighboring areas. This analytical tool allows policymakers, businesses, and residents to gain insights into the county's economic health, identifying sectors that contribute significantly to its GDP and those that may require attention. By examining trends and fluctuations, stakeholders can make informed decisions to foster economic development and address challenges. The GDP comparison chart serves as a valuable resource for strategizing and planning initiatives that aim to strengthen Riverside County's economy and enhance the overall well-being of its communities.

View the GDP Comparison Chart