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Term:  The Special Tax shall be levied annually in perpetuity unless terminated earlier by the County.

Finances: costs associated with: (i) Maintenance, administration and inspection of the stormwater facilities and BMPs including water quality basins, fossil filters, basin forebays, and any other NPDES/WQMP/BMP related devices as approved by the CFD. The maintenance may include, but is not limited to drainage systems, weed control and other abatements, repair/replacement and inspection. Inspection is inclusive of scheduling, travel time, visual inspection process and procedures, GPS location recording, reporting by device, annual reporting, visual inspection for functionality, vegetated as designed, irrigation is complete and in working order, noting any of the following: any deficiencies, erosion, trash, silt, sediment, structural deficiencies. Maintenance is inclusive of repair or replacing any of the items noted as deficient or needing to be corrected to not be deficient. Administration is inclusive of quality assurance and control of inspection and maintenance, general contract administration, including phone calls and procurement of goods and services (ii) Street lighting maintenance including energy charges, operation, maintenance, and administrative costs of street lighting located within the surrounding area of the CFD (iii) landscaping improvements that may include, but not limited to all landscaping material and facilities within the CFD.  These improvements include turf, ground cover, shrubs, trees, plants, irrigation and drainage systems, ornamental lighting masonry walls or other fencing.

The Notice of Special Tax: The annual levy is $4,736 per Single Family Property for Fiscal Year 2018-2019 however, commencing July 1, 2019, this amount shall be increased annually based on the percentage increase in the Consumer Price Index with a maximum annual increase of six percent (6%) and a minimum annual increase of two percent (2%). The Notice of Special Tax Lien has been recorded for the above referenced project.  Recording information is as follows:  4/16/18 Document # 2018-0145808.

Tract: 31199